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Lock Safety Tips


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  1. 1.Check to make sure all your exterior doors have strong deadbolt locks. This will provide the best protection from picking, bumping and prying.

  1. 2.Secure your garage. Garages can provide criminals easy access to your home. Be sure to lock the door that leads from your garage to your home. A high security lock in recommended on this door to eliminate the weak point in your home security.

  1. 3.Secure sliding glass doors with locks specifically made to prevent the doors being lifted up and out of the track. This is an easy way to prevent burglars from entering your home.

  1. 4.In a one story home, make sure your windows have secure locks to prevent someone entering your home through a window.

  1. 5.Alarms are not enough to protect your home from being burglarized.  By the time your alarm is activated and your alarm company calls the contacts on your list and dispatches the police,  the burglar has been in your home and gone with all of your valuable possessions.

6. Do not publicize your travel plans on social networks.  Criminals stalk websites and can follow your every move when you give them access to knowing when you are home or away.